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Organizations and Activities Supported by the
Bethesda Kiwanis Foundation


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Miracle League of Montgomery County

The Dwelling Place

Lazarus Leadership Fellows Program

Other Youth Service Projects

In 2009, the club completed a $50,000 pledge to support the Pediatric Center which provides emergency and inpatient services to children up to age 17 (see plaque on-site  recognizing our gift).  In 2010 we will provide funding for  Check It Out , a community based program that provides breast cancer education and early detection information to young women in the 11th and  12th grades.

The John L. Gildner Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents is a community-based, public residential, clinical, and educational facility serving children and adolescents with severe emotional disabilities. Scholarships are provided to students who wish to continue their education.

Eviction prevention program that strives to keep people from becoming homeless. In cooperation with Montgomery County agencies and as part of the county's emergency assistance coalition, they offer eviction prevention grants and assistance with utilities to those who are on the verge of homelessness.

Bethesda Youth Services provides free prevention/early intervention programs and services to area youth and  families, including: Individual, Family and Group Counseling; Parenting Workshops and Seminars; Outreach; Information and Referral; Peer Counseling; Crisis Intervention; and Therapeutic Adventure Programs (Horizons).

We sponsor key clubs at all three high schools and provide scholarships based on an annual essay contest. In addition, we sponsor the Walter Johnson Prom Breakfast.

The Club has been working since 2007 on this ambitious project -- to build a baseball field for children with disabilities. Benefiting hundreds of children in Montgomery County, those in wheel-chairs or who have other physical disabilities will be able to play baseball on a specially designed field in Germantown, MD.  

Concerned with the rise in the number of children being raised in homeless families, The Dwelling Place allows families to stay together by providing support and guidance. During their time in the program, family members are able to address the issues that made them homeless in the first place.

A Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School Educational Foundation program intended to cultivate student leaders. A scholarship of $1,000 will benefit a deserving student to participate in a leadership skills and development program.

We contribute to numerous other youth service projects throughout the year, which may include: purchase of supplies necessary to serve meals at NIH's Children's Inn, sponsoring youth in walkathons and other fundraisers and sponsoring youth in the Kiwanis Key Leader program.

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Jeanne Smith

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