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Newsletter of the Kiwanis Club of Bethesda, Maryland

Serving the Community Since 1945


    Meeting Date: May 9, 2013


A wonderful evening of food, fellowship and fun took place at The Hunter’s Inn in Potomac, Maryland. The occasion was a retirement party for our beloved Kiwanian and pastor of Christ Episcopal Church of Kensington, The Rev. Dr. Bill Hague, his wife, Jane, and their two sons, J. D. and Chris.  Next month they will be relocating to their home in Maine.


Thirty-six Kiwanians and guests enjoyed a delicious array of hors d’ouevres and wine prior to dinner served at 7:30 pm.


President Jeanne Smith called us together. Dr. James Leder led the Pledge of Allegiance. Roger Heymann led a robust singing of “God Bless America.”  The Prayer was offered by Shira Oler.  Tracy Miller gave the Quote of the Day:


“Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are. No matter who you are, how you are, what you do, you deserve to own your brilliance and light the world with the gift that is YOU.  If you’ve forgotten how amazing and incredible you really are, it’s time to remember.”



President  Jeanne Smith
President-Elect  Patsy Jackson
1st Vice President Tracy Miller
2nd Vice President Richard Ruprecht
Secretary-Treasurer Pat Tiede
Past President  Jim Leder


Gary Boswell  (2013-2014)
Rebecca Bull  (2013-2015)
Pat Norry  (2013-2014)
Marlayna Proctor (2013-2014)
Sean Ryan  (2013-2015)





Tracy Miller HD for the birth of her fourth great niece.  John Walker HD for performing the wedding of his second oldest granddaughter last weekend.  Robby Brewer HD for his friend Bruce Adams and also for his son who has completed his first four years in the Marine Corps and will be transferring to Quantico to reach for the next two years.  Jim Leder HD to be among friends at this luncheon.  Terri Kerner HD for being a new member of our club.  Jeanne Smith HD for Bruce Adams and his support and to have Terri as a new member.


A special thank you to Patsy Jackson for taking the Kee-Notes for this meeting.

Pat Tiede, Editor

EWebsite Editor - PAT TIEDE (301-493-6937,

Website Advisor - BEN SCHLESINGER (301-951-7266,

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