2010-2011 Club Committees​

             Committee                                              Chair                                                                             Description

Charter Night

Secretary and President

Establish a date, select place, develop program, menu and speaker.

Organizes and participates in special events in the community to help to bring public awareness of the Bethesda Kiwanis Club. These events generally include the annual Veterans’ Day observance and Memorial Day ceremony, as well as other events that the committee deems appropriate.

Dick Ruprecht (Chair), Bob Cressy

Community Programs

Publishes and distributes Club Membership Directory and electronic versions of Club Roster on a timely basis.

Patsy Jackson 


Coordinates and organizes annual Golf Outing and other Foundation fundraisers so that the Club can continue to provide financial support to children in the community and throughout the world.

Jeanne Smith, Tracy Miller

Fund Raising

Coordinates Club activities with Bethesda Kiwanis Foundation, and ensures timely nomination and sponsorship of grantees.

Jeanne Smith

Grants (giving)

Greet and welcome all guests and make sure they are introduced to the President and Secretary.  Greet all members by their first name.


Establish a committee, date and site for the 38th Golf Tournament.  Establish a concept, style, cost, lunch and dinner menu and prizes to make it the best tournament we have ever had.

Golf Tournament

Gather updated information regarding the status of club members.  What are they doing, honors, health, education, vacation, grandchildren and birthdays.  Finish the meeting with a joke, wise saying, something the members can take home and feel good.

Marlayna Proctor

Health & Welfare (formerly Cheer)

Maintains house account, notifies Tragara of anticipated head count before meetings and of meeting cancellations, takes attendance at meetings and maintains attendance records for Club, reports monthly attendance to the Club Secretary for the Monthly Report, sets up and breaks down for Club meetings.  Maintains house supplies.

Kim Ryan


Organizes and promotes inter-clubbing throughout the Division and the district so that Club members will gain and maintain an appreciation for the breadth and depth of Kiwanis and the K-Family. Encourages interclubbing with Kiwanis Sponsored Youth members in order to build unity throughout the K-Family.

Gary Boswell


Establish an understanding of countries and people outside our borders.  Obtain speakers to present world topics of interest that involve our relationship with other countries.  Possibly involve representatives of various industries.

Ben Schlesinger (chair)

International Relations

Transcribes the Club’s weekly newsletter, Kee-Notes, and enters publication in any Division, District or International club newsletter competitions.

Patsy Jackson


Responsible for Club membership growth and retention. Activities include recruiting, indoctrination (induction and orientation). Recommends membership growth goals to the Club President and Board of Directors.  Educates members and others about the rich history of the Bethesda Kiwanis Club and Foundation.

Gary Boswell


Arranges for programs (speakers and other entertaining guests) at regular weekly Bethesda Kiwanis meetings. Coordinates with the Public Relations Committee to promote special programs throughout the community and the Division.


Helps to ensure that the public receives, through the media and other means, the Objects, goals, programs, and achievements of Kiwanis International and the Club. Publishes Club brochures for distribution to any interested parties. Promotes Club special programs throughout the community.

Public Relations

To remind and encourage members to live by the first Object of Kiwanis, that is, “To give primacy to the human and spiritual, rather than to the material values of life” and to promote programs which reinforce this important Object of Kiwanis.

John Walke

Spiritual Aims

Devises ways and means to establish and support K-Kids clubs in elementary schools, Builders Clubs in middle schools, Key Clubs in high schools, Circle K clubs in universities and colleges, and Aktion Clubs in the handicapped community. Finds ways the Club can help boys and girls adjust themselves to their environment and become adapted to the social, economic, and moral demands they may encounter.

Jeanne Smith, Dick Ruprecht (Co-Chairs)

Service Leadership (including Key Clubs)

Manages and final-edits the Club's award-winning website, www.BethesdaKiwanis.com and publishes KeeNotes, the Club Calendar and List of Speakers; works with Club Officers and Committee Chairs to ensure Club website is timely and up to date, and publishes all necessary changes.

Marlayna Proctor


Establish programs and speakers covering young children, First Book and our new world-wide project -- ELIMINATE.

Tracy Miller (Chair)

Young Children Priority One

Marlayna Proctor

Tarcy Miller, Jeanne Smith and Marlayna Proctor